Gomomi Gogogo Club is a club activity that was created to solve various problems in an interesting way. It was launched with the hope that more children will have unique ideas in a world where there is no correct answer. The existence of garbage that is familiar to us. "What is garbage? Dirty? Is that what you don't need?" If you change your perspective, it may turn into something that can still be used, a tool for making something, or a treasure that you want to cherish. In order to use the entire city to cultivate new perspectives and proactive action, we support this workshop with a variety of people, including artists, university faculty members, museum curators, photographers, architects, and editors. We plan to hold the workshop regularly. JAN     9, 2022    New Year's writing with garbage brush @Migiwa MAY 19, 2022     Sketch our city with garbage glasses @Migiwa NOV 15, 2022      Let's measure the strength of garbage @Migiwa MAY 26, 2024      Let's collect garbage in Museum Road and create a work of art @Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art