A new brand "OKAMEHACHIMOK" Born and raised in Kobe, made with trees with strong characteristics. Kobe has approximately 40% forest area, and the majority of that is a diverse range of hardwoods. In Kobe, which is surrounded by mountains, there are actually no forestry workers, and there is no forestry association, so the mountain's resources are not being fully utilized. Among them, Quercus serrata, which was often used as a firewood resource because it is crooked and often eaten by insects, is now considered a nuisance and difficult to incorporate into daily life. However, the patterns are unique and adorable, and above all, there are many of them in Kobe. The "Quercus serrata Table'' of OKAMEHACHIMOK was born as we continued to deal with Quercus serrata. Since Kobe does not have a specialized field related to wood resources, such as forestry, this furniture was created as people living near the mountains playing with Quercus serrata. People who connect mountains and cities, people who design architecture, people who make furniture, etc. OKAMEHACHIMOK If you look at it from the side, you may be able to see the truth of things. We are a brand that does not divide ourselves based on job titles, but instead works on what we can do in our own way.