About A project to experience the invisible breath of the earth (Rokko Oroshi) with AR glass. The shape created by the interaction between the earth's atmosphere and the city is generated by fluid simulation and reproduced in space by the VPS system and AR. You can feel Gaia (earth life) by putting on the AR glass and entrusting yourself to the beautiful flow of the atmosphere as if the earth breathing slowly. Although we have come to hear the term sustainability more often, it means sustainability for humankind, not for the entire life species on earth. Feeling the existence of non-human life (multi-species) leads to true sustainability. This project extends the imagination for the coexistence of humans and nature. Regain a sense of symbiosis In this project, we made it possible to visualize and experience the invisible movement of the wind. It's getting harder to feel nature in a technological city. The progress of environmental destruction may be partly due to the fact that humans can no longer feel the breath of nature. Originally, the city is also a part of nature. Nature is still alive there. If you feel that and develop a sense of symbiosis, you may be able to intuitively understand that excessive economic growth is also a risk to humans themselves. Regeneration of commons AR scans the real space in 3D and creates a mirror world that fits perfectly with the real world. It's a new commons and data, so you can copy it indefinitely. The free shared land that was once born in web 1.0 is about to be reborn. And this commons needs to be open. Since capitalism, nature has become a human property, but nature should be a commons for all species. In in project, we put an invisible layer  "Wind" on top of it. This work was carried out in Japan XR Fest Vol2 (2022/02/27).