A house for a couple working at home due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. The adjacent land on the south side is the school yard and has a height difference, so it is easy to take in light and wind. In order to maximize this environment in the entire house, we devised a plan and the openings of the partition walls of each room. By planning a storage between the room on the common corridor side and the LDK, and by providing sliding doors that can secure a wide opening width in two places, it is possible to provide good ventilation that is difficult to obtain with a normal corridor type dwelling unit. As a result, you can spend all day without an air conditioner even in early summer.

We expect that ensuring good light and ventilation will lead to good relationships among family members and with neighboring residents too.

No fake wood is used, real wood is used in various places, and there are plastered walls by Kohei Yatsuda around the kitchen, so that you can feel the natural texture in your daily life even though you are in an urban apartment-house.