A 50-year-old house built in a quiet residential area, a 10-minute walk from the station, was divided into two dwelling units and renovated as a rental terrace house.

By creating openings so that the ground floor can be opened to the front road, we planned to use the ground floor for purposes other than housing. This changed the closed relationship between existing houses and front road, and created an option that could function as a part of this town. This will be one of the future suburban houses.

Seismic retrofitting is applied according to the structural planning of the new part, and the insulation performance is also improved by renovating the roof, outer wall, and openings.

While utilizing the existing materials as much as possible, we planned to seamlessly overlap the history by arranging new materials to inherit the texture of the existing landscape and materials.

We hope that this terrace houses will be updated from now on, and the history will be inherited.