By fusing culture and engineering, we deal with invisible and intangible things and work on projects in many fields.
We aim to create open-ended value which becomes more attractive over time.



Architectural design, Structural design, Environmental design, Product development, Mechanical design & consulting


株式会社 文化工学研究所
一級建築士事務所 兵庫県知事登録 第01A04767号

Bunka Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd
First-class registered architect office (Registered by governor of Hyogo prefecture No. 01A04767)

北川 聡一  専務取締役

花山宇宙文化財団 理事、花山星空ネットワーク 理事

1980年 京都大学大学院機械工学修士課程修了後、㈱神戸製鋼所に入社、機械部門にて主に圧延機の設計・開発に従事。2011年 理事、九州支店長。2014年 神鋼テクノ㈱常務取締役。

北川 浩明  代表取締役

一級建築士 登録第364895号

2008年 京都工芸繊維大学大学院修士課程建築設計学専攻(岸和郎研究室)修了後、渡英。2008年より2013年までAlhadeff Architects(ミラノ、イタリア)勤務。イタリア、イギリス、スイスでのプロジェクトを担当。

Soichi Kitagawa   Senior Managing Director

Director of Kwasan Astro-Culture Foundation
Director of NPO Kwasan Astro Network

Graduated from Kyoto University with a Master’s degree of Mechanical Engineering in 1980, joined Kobe Steel Co., Ltd. and engaged in the design and development of rolling mills mainly in the machinery devision, from 2011 worked as General Manager of Kyushu Branch. From 2014 to 2017, had worked as Managing Director for Shinko Techno Co.,Ltd.
Since 2017, he has been a lecturer at Kyoto University, Unit of Synergetic Studies for Space, and has been engaged in Kwasan Astronomical Observatory of the Graduate School of Science.
He participated in the establishment of Bunka Engineering Laboratory in 2018.

Hiroaki Kitagawa  CEO

First-class registered architect No.364895

Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology with a Master’s degree of Architectural Design (Waro Kishi Laboratory) in 2008. He worked at Alhadeff Architects (Milan, Italy) from 2008 to 2013, working on projects in Italy, England, Switzerland etc.
In parallel with working at the architect office, he studied structural engineering and environmental engineering at the Master’s program of Architectural Engineering in Politecnico di Milano from 2009 to 2010.
He started KUAV (layer design) in 2013, started COCCA in 2017 and established Bunka Engineering Laboratory in 2018.

( () ( ( A


括弧()= 時空間を閉じるもの



Parentheses () = Closing time and space

We established a experimental platform to open and connect the social parentheses.
We practice “study, play and work” across places, genres and ages.